34 week pregnant diary – preparing the toddler for a new arrival. 

Well it is now less than 6 weeks until I am due with baby number 2 (and Christmas) and the weeks really are flying by. My hospital bag is packed and ready, our Christmas tree is up, Poppy’s presents are bought, so now we wait for the little mans Christmas arrival. 

The final countdown to being mummy to 2 under 2 has come as a shock – didn’t I only take the pregnancy test yesterday? Poppy will be 21 months old when bump arrives and I feel a lot of pressure to spend as much quality time with her as I can. I am worried that our special bond may be broken by her gaining a sibling. She is too young to truly understand the entrance of a new family member and I am not sure if that will be a blessing or a curse. We have recently undertaken some ways to help Poppy adapt to a new baby (well, we have tried to). 
Firstly, we bought poppy a doll “baby” and a little cot from a charity shop for her to play with. The idea being that she will help change and dress her own baby while I feed and change the actual baby. This is something that will be used for when the new baby has actually been born so I am not sure how well it works but we have introduced it early to try and teach her to be gentle with the baby and how she should be treating “baby”. Unfortunately this has had limited success currently as she mainly carries “baby” around the room by the neck and throws her onto the floor; although she has now started kissing baby so who knows? 

Poppy kissing her toy baby

Next I thought I would tell her how mummy has a baby in her belly. I would show her my bump and stroke it and say “aww baby”. She responded to this well and can now say “aww bab bab” while stroking my belly. But now she strokes her dads belly and will say “aww bab” and stroke her toys “aww bab” and if she sees a dog while we are out it is also an “aww bab”. I dread the day she strokes one of the lovely girls from her nursery’s belly and tells them they have an “aww bab”. I just have to hope that they see the funny side, or hope that they choose not to inform me that poppy thinks they’re pregnant. Just a tad embarrassing but all part of being a parent – I’m sure she will do worse as she gets older. 

My daughters god mother then sent her a book on how to be a big sister. She is not interested in the book or pictures at all and is only interested in the button on the from which has a baby giggling loudly; cue constant pushing of button until I want to scream. Poppy’s god mother does not have children yet but I will remember to pay her back for the gift with something equally loud and annoying when she does have them. Although the book really is lovely and I hope reading it to Poppy helps her understand why mummy has got so fat and why she will soon have to share her world with a tiny screaming boy. 

You can buy the big sister book by clicking this link if you wish. It is lovely. 

Poppy and big sister book
My husband had a great idea about setting up the crib because it should get Poppy used to it being up; there should then not be too many changes in a short space of time for her to get used to. So for a few weeks now we have had the next to me crib up and attached to the bed and Poppy now spends all her time in our bedroom desperate to climb into it because she thinks it’s hers. Well technically it was hers so all we have managed to do is confuse her even more. 

Poppy in next to me crib
We have now learned that the best thing to do is to just wait until our little boy is born and get Poppy to adapt to him once he is here. Trying to prepare her for his arrival is not really working and as her world is about to be turned upside down it is a better use of our time to just enjoy her while she has all of our time and energy. 
I’m just 6 weeks and my time will be spent being a mummy to a 21 month old as well as a newborn. Let the fun begin. 
If anyone has any juggling tips on 2 under 2 please do share – I would love to hear from you. 

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