About me

Hi and welcome. 
If you love saving money, making money and parenting on a budget; you will be right at home here. 

I’m Louisa, a part time working mummy to a girl born in March 2016 and expecting a boy December 2017. I have a psychology degree and a big love of tattoos, Harry Potter and James Herbert books. 

This is my blog about parenting, budgeting, making money and trying to survive being mummy to two little ones! 

Where it all began

Well what can I say – it all began when I brought my first bundle of joy home and was shocked to realise there was no instruction manual on how to be a parent. Some things came naturally to me but most did not. I found myself sitting on google most days searching “Why won’t my baby sleep?” Over and over again. 

I’ve learnt a lot since them early days about keeping a tiny person alive but being a parent can be relentless. I’ve found that, since I’ve started writing, having a creative outlet has helped me find myself again. 

I love sharing with you all the things I have learned about being a mum, as well as cheap fun filled activities for babies and toddlers as well as sharing an honest slice of our lives. 

Parenting on a budget

I quit full time work when my daughter was born and returned back to work part time in November 2016. This was when our outgoings started to outweigh our incomings and after some serious panicking I began to look for ways to make ends meet. 

I will share with you here any tips and tricks I have personally tried and tested to save and make money, budgeting ideas and getting into a better financial situation. 
Please do contact me to stay in touch – I’d love to hear from you.