Book review – The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. 

Book review

The Kite Runner

This book is a brilliant insight into another world and a culture that is so different and yet in ways so similar to my own. It is a book of two halves merged together; a tale of a struggle for redemption while also showing the reader the truth about Afghanistan. It humanises what I have seen on the news of the Afghanistan war and has brought me a new level of understanding to what happened to the people there.

I did greatly enjoy this story, my eyes hungrily swallowed each word as I became obsessed with the story. It has been a while since a story has gripped me so much, I had to know what happened and was very eager to finish it.

The story explores two young boys who are separated by class and different ethnicities but are brought together by service and friendship. You see how an act of cowardice during their childhood shapes both their lives throughout the 30 years the story covers. Set during the Afghanistan civil war and eventual Taliban control you see an insight into their world that I just couldn’t get through watching it happen on the news.

This is a truly heart breaking story that I could never have predicted where it would end. I love an unpredictable tale and this journey shocked me more than any other has. The further into the story I went, the deeper the frown on my face.

The author paints you a picture and this is a book that engages all your senses; you can see, smell and taste the words as you step into the shoes of the leading character. You feel what he feels, and see what he sees. The effort the author takes to bring you on this journey is not wasted.

Although I enjoyed the kite runner I did not like it; it was sad and upsetting and I did not like what happened to the characters. It shows that, for most, life in Afghanistan does not lead to happy endings and a story set during a war was not going to be all hearts and flowers.

I find myself wanting to know what happened to the characters next, if they found happiness? I didn’t like where the story ended but that is a sign of a good story teller – leave us wanting more, and I definitely would have read more.

I would recommend this story to others as it is a good read but I would not personally read it again. It is not for the faint hearted and anyone who does read it be warned – you are in for a rough time of it.

Now does anyone have any recommendations of books?


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