How you can make an extra £200 in time for Christmas.

Who wants to earn £200 for Christmas? I know I do especially as I’m due a Christmas baby.

I stared recording the exact amount I made from side hustles at the end of August and I have made £246; so it is definitely possible to make an extra £200 in time for Christmas.

With side hustles you get out what you put in, so being a heavily pregnant part time working mummy with a toddler at home I don’t have a lot of time to invest but I am still really pleased with what I have achieved in 2 months.

Here’s the ways I achieved my extra income  so that you can join me in earning £200 by Christmas too.

Survey sites 

Survey sites are great easy ways to earn extra money at home and the more time you spend doing them the more money you can make. I find doing a few surveys easy to fit into my day when the little one is having a nap or when I’m watching my TV shows. Here are my favourite sites to use:

  • Mintvine has very easy surveys to complete and payment is $10 either to PayPal or a voucher at 1000 points but the points do add up quickly.
  • Vypr is an app that has quick yes or no questions called steers. They take just seconds to complete and 10,000 points cash out to £5 into PayPal which seems a lot but it doesn’t take long to reach the threshold. You can find it on the App Store.
  • Prolific are academic studies that differ greatly in their financial reward but recently I’ve seen one for £8 for 30 minutes. Payout is into PayPal once you have hit the £5 minimum payment threshold.

I’ve made £129 from doing these in the last 2 months with some points still waiting to reach threshold to cash out.


Declutter and sell online

Another big earner for me was selling things that were around the house that we no longer used or wanted. This decluttering is perfect to make space for the Christmas invasion of gifts especially if you have children.

I earned £79 just from selling things on eBay, the shpock app and the Facebook marketplace.

There are cons for each one: ebays fees, schpock and Facebook marketplace users not turning up and the time taken to photograph and list them all but overall selling online has been a great earner for me and has freed up space in our house too.

Mystery shopping 

I do about one mystery shop a month but it is possible to do more, I just tend to look and do one if I needed go into town anyway or was buying from a certain store.

The last 2 months I’ve had a free lunch and all our toiletries thanks to mystery shopping with market force. A shop usually takes me 10-15 minutes to complete and writing up the report afterwards another 10 minutes. Market force reimburse you with a certain amount of money for the mystery shop and then usually pay a few pounds on top, so you can do it when you are off out shopping anyway and enjoy free goods and lunch!

Ive made £18 from mystery shopping in the last 2 months.

You can join market force here. 


There are a few apps and websites that reward you cashback for purchases and are great to use if you were making the purchases anyway. Ive made £20 through these cashback apps and websites in the last 2 months and I will be always checking them in the future for all purchases to see what cashback I could get.

  • Shopmium – an app that has various items listed and if you buy the item from the store specified you either get all your money back or a percentage of the price back. In the last 2 months I’ve got a load of baby food and snacks for free from this app but they do all sorts of products. You just scan the barcode of the item into the app and then take a picture of your receipt and you are paid into PayPal. If you use my referral code KFKAAKUJ when signing up you will also get a free Lindt chocolate bar.
  • Check out smart – this is a website as well as an app and it works the same way as shopmium except cash out below £20 has a transfer fee of 5%, but payment is quick into PayPal. I’ve recently got some yoghurt free from this.
  • Quidco – If you are buying Christmas presents this website could give you a load of cash back. I started to use Quidco lately as it had a great sign up offer for new customers. I spent £15 buying toy storage boxes online from wilko’s and received all my money back! These new offers change regularly so keep an eye out for one that suits you.
  • Quidco do lucrative cashback offers for loads of retailers, insurance providers, energy suppliers, TV packages and holidays to name a few. You click on a retailers website through the quidco webpage and you can earn between 1-100% of your money back when making purchases.
  • Before you buy something take a look on quidco and see if you can get any cashback. Join Quidco by clicking here.

So there are all the ways I have been making money from home in the last 2 months so you can do it too.

I am aiming for another £200 by Christmas so we can tackle this goal together.

There are lots of other ways that I am only just discovering so I will keep you all updated with any new side hustles in a few months time.

Let me know your side hustles and how you get on with your goals – I’d love to hear from you.




This post contains some referral links which means the company will know that I have directed you to them when clicking the link and they may reward me for it.

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7 thoughts on “How you can make an extra £200 in time for Christmas.”

  1. Great tips! I recently decluttered and sold online and made over £250 so really happy with that. Will definitely be looking into these survey and cash back sites! Good luck with your goal 💗

  2. Great way to make a passive earning. Yoh should also look at working on auto event blogging. Been looking in to that seems like it has a lot of potential.

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