My second hand second born: A guide to buying second hand for your baby.

Our second hand second born.

Second borns can expect hand me downs from their older sibling and I think using second hand is a great way to save money when you have a baby. Babies grow out of their clothes and toys so quickly; buying new each time would cost a fortune.

When we found out we were having a baby boy this time around we had to have a massive sort out due to having a girl the first time around. It was sad packing away tiny girl outfits that I remember Poppy wearing so well, she has grown so fast.

So I began to ask myself how I can save money by using Poppy’s hand me downs for this baby. What do we really need to buy new? And what can we get away with buying second hand for a baby?

What must be new.

Car seats – A car seat is definitely something that needs to be bought new or second hand from somewhere you know it has not been involved in an accident or hasn’t expired their expiry date. Yes car seats have expiry dates- who knew? Our infant car seat from Poppy is still safe for our boy to have so he is using that.

Mattresses – These should be new for every baby that you have, however if the budget is very tight you can make do with the one you have. As long as it is firm and fits the Moses basket, crib or cot snuggly to prevent a baby’s head becoming entrapped and suffocating.

Feeding equipment – For me personally, using my first babies perfect prep machine and steriliser are perfectly fine for our second born. This is because I know it is safe to use and has been kept clean. Buying second hand off someone you don’t know can potentially lead to problems with knowing whether the product is safe electronically, whether or not it has been recalled and if it has been used correctly. I would say use common sense with buying sterilisers and electronic equipment second hand but using the ones from your previous children are fine if they have been used correctly.

I personally do not plan to use my first borns bottles and have purchased new ones. Teats for bottles usually must be changed every three months due to hygiene and safety reasons. Sterilising can cause the teat to break down which is why it is important to always check them as it can be a choking hazard. You could use second hand bottles and buy new teats if you know the bottles have been used correctly and have not been recalled for any reason. I have bought my new bottles from a baby sale in my local supermarket for very cheap, it is worth shopping around and holding out for a sale.

I did buy a new breast pump too as I feel for hygiene reasons If is better to have one new. I had a medela swing and milk would often get inside it and I’d have to clean it all out so I would prefer to not buy second hand; but even giving a second hand one a thorough clean would be fine really.


What we are using second hand.

Sleeping – Our wonderful next to me crib and Moses basket is being used again.

Clothes – we were kindly gifted a load of second hand clothes from family members which are in perfect condition. Baby clothes are very easy to find second hand and my favourite places to look are car boot sales, charity shops and online selling (eBay, shpock, gumtree, Facebook market place). No one would know that your baby wasn’t being dressed in new clothes; they grow so fast in that first year some babies only wear an outfit once and suddenly they are too big for them. His newborn clothes fit for 10 days and he was out of 0-3 by 7 weeks old. I make and feed big babies.

Pram – I bought a lovely double pram off of Facebook marketplace at a bargain price that is perfect for a toddler and newborn. A second hand pram that has been well looked after is just as good as a new pram and at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Toys – Our girl’s toys were mostly bought second hand; we bought a neutral bouncy chair, playmat and jumperoo for example, off of eBay for her in as good as new condition despite them being second hand. We looked after them all well and packed them up into the loft and now we are using them again for our second born. You can buy second hand baby toys so cheap and save yourself a lot of money and your children won’t know the difference when they are so small.

Carriers – I use a boba sling and a boba baby carrier which I bought second hand and they were both in excellent condition. As long as you check them over for obvious faults and check they haven’t been recalled second hand slings can be a great way to save money. I couldn’t survive a day having 2 children under 2 without using one of these carriers so they have been great value for money.

What we have bought new.

So for our little second born all we bought new was vests, socks, breast pump and bottles (not that we’ve used these in the 8 weeks he’s been here) and bedding. This is not because second hand is not okay but just because you can get them quite cheap anyway.

Buying new for your baby is perfectly fine but really isn’t necessary and it is definitely possible to kit out your family for a new arrival on a tight budget. Parenting on a budget can be done!

What else did you buy second hand for your baby? Let me know in the comments.

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