Swagbucks Guide & Review: How to make money in your spare time.

Swagbucks review and guide.

I wouldn’t recommend something unless I had personally tried it and swagbucks is now something I have incorporated into my daily routine.

Since joining a month ago I have earned £100 with swagbucks.

Swagbucks is a legitimate company and you can earn money by doing things online such as shopping, searching the web, completing surveys, watching videos, playing games and discovering deals and offers.

It can be difficult to know what to do when you first join so I have put together this guide to help you earn money with swagbucks. I will explain how you can earn money and then go through with you what I personally did to earn myself £100.


How to start earning

Firstly click this link to set up an account at swagbucks.

You earn money through swagbucks by earning points known as swagbucks (sb). These swagbucks can be used to buy rewards in the form of different vouchers, MasterCard or money straight into your PayPal account. Currently, as an example, 700 sb gets you a £5 Amazon voucher and 800 sb will cash out £5 into your PayPal.

There are many ways to earn swagbucks and I will explain some of them now.

Online shopping.

You can earn swagbucks through entering the shop through the swagbucks home page. For example, enter the Body Shop page through swagbucks and make a purchase and you will have earned 8sb per £1 you have spent. Companies pay swagbucks a commission for directing their customers to them and swagbucks share this with us. All the shops offering this can be found in the shop section of the webpage.

Searching the web.

Searching through the swagbucks site like you do google can earn you points. You can even make it your default search engine as this is a easy way to make money. Just use the search bar at the top of the site.


These are research surveys and are an easy way to make points. They can be found in the answer section on the website.


This section rewards you with swagbucks for signing up to new offers and deals. You can find all of these in the discover section as well as the different offer walls available.

Watching videos.

Here you are rewarded swagbucks by watching videos and adverts. There are different apps to do this and I usually run them in the background on my tablet so I can still use my phone. The apps can be found in the watch section of the website.

Swagcodes and competitions.

Swagbucks give out daily swagcodes on their social media which can be typed into the swagbuck code part of the website for extra swagbucks. They also regularly have competitions such as swago as a chance to earn extra swagbucks. This is something to look out for.


There are daily games that you can do to earn swagbucks and also games that pay out swagbucks on completion of goals or levels.


How I personally earned £100 with swagbucks

My daily routine.

In the mornings before my little girl wakes up and in the evenings when she’s asleep I usually take a look to see what surveys are available and complete every one that I can while I watch TV. It is common to get screened out of these surveys so don’t worry if this happens. There is also a daily poll to take part in.

I usually leave the watch videos running on my tablet while I get ready in the morning.

I make sure that I complete my daily goal as this leads to bonus points which is worthwhile doing.

I follow swagbucks uk on all social media and I type in the swag code each day for a few swagbucks. I also use the swagbucks website if I need to search the internet which occasionally give me swagbucks.

Doing this in my daily routine often gets me about 100 sb every day which does add up to about £5 Amazon voucher every week. It doesn’t seem like a lot but is great for not much effort involved and you can earn more if you put more time into it.


Discover offers I used. 

These offers change regularly so they may not be available for you to use at the time of reading. But these are the ones I successfully completed in September 2017.

  • Join Jackpot Joy Today! 1250 sb – for this you need to be a new member, deposit £10 and wager 5 times. Do not accept the welcome bonus! I deposited £10 and used a slot game where I did 5 20p spins (and won £37!). I then withdrew my money (£46) straight away. My swagbucks were pending for 7 days and then credited.
  • Giffgaff Registration 150 sb  – all I had to do for this one was register for a free credit report which didn’t cost anything and no cancellation.
  • Play Heart Bingo! 1250 sb – I had to be a new member, deposit £10 and not accept any welcome bonus. My swagbucks instantly credited and I withdrew my £10 straight back.
  • Final Fantasy XV: A new empire. 540 sb – I had to download the app and get my citadel to level 10. This took about a week as I kept forgetting to play it but wasn’t hard to play and I quite enjoy games like this.
  • Win Big With Starspins 1250 sb – Again I had to be a new member, deposit £10 and not accept the welcome offer.  My swagbucks instantly credited and I withdrew my £10 back.
  • Virgin Games 1250 sb – I signed up for a new account and deposited £10. I did not accept the welcome bonus and had to wager 5 20p bets on the slots again (like jackpot joy). I then withdrew £19 as I won £10 on this and my swagbucks instantly credited.
  • Reward TV 41 sb – I just had to register and play 2  trivia games.
  • William Hill Vegas 1600 sb – I had to be a new member, deposit £10 and make 1 bet. I used slots again and bet £1. I didn’t get credited for this straight away  and I had to ticket it. Will explain more about this later.

Please note that you can still earn swagbucks without doing any of these discover offers as I know gambling or signing up to things can be off putting to some. But I’ve put them in this guide as it is what I did. I’d say it was possible to earn £10-£20 a month without doing any discover offers.


What to do if you do not get your swagbucks. 

If you do not get your swagbucks awarded to you, when you should have, you will need to submit a ticket. It is important to screen shot all survey completion pages, shopping and discover completion pages . You can delete these once you have your swagbucks. I did not receive my swagbucks with the William Hill Vegas discover offer and this is what I did.

  • If an offer or survey is from one of the offer walls or independent survey sites you will need to ticket them directly. I sent swagbucks a ticket in this case.
  • At the bottom of the homepage is customer services – click here.
  • You select “submit request” and “I am missing credit for an activity” from the drop down menu.
  • Fill out all relevant details and attach the relevant screenshots.
  • Click “submit”.
  • Next you will receive an automated email from swagbucks. Make sure you reply to this by again stating that you did not receive credit and attach the relevant screenshots.
  • After I had completed this my swagbucks were added the next day by customer support.


And there you have it! I am £100 richer this month thanks to swagbucks.

I redeemed my swagbucks into Amazon vouchers and this took between 3-5 days to come into my email account. I redeemed each time I got to a pay out amount instead of saving the swagbucks up which I would recommend for you to do.

I love using swagbucks and now I’ve got my head around it I find it easy and enjoyable to use.

Start earning now!

Are there any sites you use to make extra penny’s? Please get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.


Gambling can be a serious problem so do not do the gambling offers if this is an issue for you. You can still make money by not doing any gambling on swagbucks. Remember some discover offers will require cancelling before the free trial finishes so that you do not get charged. Your money used in the gambling offers will be stuck in their withdrawal system for a few days so do not use if you will need it. Always seek a professional if you need financial advice.

There are lots of ways to make swagbucks and money that I have not personally tried yet so I will try to update this post with more up to date information in time. Every effort has been made to create accurate information but offers and rules of swagbucks may change over time before I have updated. This post contains my referral link which means swagbucks will know I have referred you to their website.

8 thoughts on “Swagbucks Guide & Review: How to make money in your spare time.”

  1. I love Swagbucks! I really don’t use it as much as I used to, though. I need to jump back in and get to earning again.

    I think my favorite thing about Swagbucks so far has been testing products. I was able to do it twice and was paid $30 both times!

      1. Every once in a while they’ll have those opportunities. It’ll start off as a survey. You answer some questions and then, if they like your answers and you might be a good fit, they’ll let you know that it’s a product testing opportunity. Then they ask some more questions about you before asking you if you’re interested in testing their product. My first one was a phone app, the second was baby body wash. I really liked the body wash! They gave me two different samples and I fell in love with one of them, but never found out if that product was made available for sale 🙁

  2. Interesting intro to Swagbucks. I have never heard of them. I am in Germany so it isn’t available to me but it’s interesting to learn about alternative ways to earn money on the web. Thanks for the detailed account.

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