The ultimate guide to surviving pregnancy when you have a toddler.

This guide is very relevant to me just now because at the time of writing I am 7 months pregnant whilst mummy to a 18 month old.

I have such fond memories of my first pregnancy: lay ins, naps and  bubble baths whenever I liked. My spare time was completely taken for granted.

This time I am sleep deprived and exhausted due to an energetic toddler who wants everything and wants it now. The only time I can indulge in a pregnancy craving is by hiding in the kitchen shovelling Jaffa cakes down my throat while the toddler isn’t looking.

Second pregnancies really are a game changer and so I have put all my tips and tricks into this guide that have helped me survive so far.

Lower your standards 

  • As long as your child is fed, watered, clean and clothed don’t hesitate to let everything else slide.
  • Do little bits of housework here and there but don’t stress about it. Get your toddler involved in helping with laundry and chores, they love helping mummy.
  • Nighttime cleaning – I do my main bits of house work when my toddler is in bed due to my pregnancy sickness dissapearing at night times. Don’t be afraid to change your house work routine to suit your needs.
  • Get help – enlist whoever you can to help with the chores.
  • Just remember everything does not need to be tidy and that’s okay.

Horizontal parenting 

This is where you parent from lying down. I spent my first trimester with horrendous morning sickness (that lasted most of the day) so I’m quite the expert in horizontal parenting and these are my favourite horizontal activities.

  • Colouring books and drawing with crayons.
  • Children’s TV – definitely a good idea to relax screen time rules if it means you can get some well needed rest and relaxation.
  • Messy play activities – shaving foam play, play dough, painting, baking, jelly play. A good idea to time it so someone else can tidy up after (my husbands job). You can read my recipe for homemade playdough here.
  • Indoor teddy bear picnic – eating lunch indoors on a blanket surrounded by your little ones stuffed animals is such good fun. My toddler found it very exciting and kept her entertained for ages.
  • Toys – regularly rotate your child’s toys so that they remain fresh and interesting.
  • Reading books together.

Some fun easy activities to keep a toddler entertained

If you’re feeling more able then getting out into the fresh air for some exercise is important for your toddler, yourself and your bump. Here are some easy activities that are pregnancy friendly if you’re like me and can’t get about quickly anymore due to the infamous pregnancy waddle.

  • Playing in the garden.
  • Going for a walk in the pram – fresh air and exercise is good for both toddler and mummy
  • Trip to the park – are you going on a bear hunt, off  to collect autumn leaves or about to make Daisy chains?
  • Bath time – have a bubble bath after being out just for fun and it has the added bonus of getting them clean at the same time. And you can have a hot cup of tea while you watch them play.

My top tips

  • Nap time – so important to have a nap when your toddler has one to feel more energised and less sick. It really does work wonders.
  • Online shopping – do your food shopping and any other shopping you may have from the comfort of your sofa.
  • Stock up on freezer foods. My toddler loves a fish finger or chicken nugget and as long as they are being fed take the easy option for a while.
  • Get prepared – preparing your little ones clothes or their lunch the night before can really help when sickness is worse in the morning.
  • Ask for someone to take your toddler out for you even for half an hour to give you some peace really helps. If you don’t ask you don’t get, so don’t be afraid!
  • Stop the mummy guilt! So what? Your child has eaten their weight in fish finger sandwiches and wotsits every night and hasn’t been out for a few days. You are growing a human! It’s no easy task and you should be proud of yourself.

My pregnancy is flying by so fast and it is so hard to treasure every moment while I am so busy with a toddler too. In just under 3 months my pregnancy will be over and I will be a mummy to 2 under 2!

If you are reading this and are pregnant then congratulations, you are amazing! Please get in touch and let me know what your top tips are for surviving pregnancy with a toddler – I’d love to hear from you.

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